Journal for Insurance Law (ZVers): Rights of inspection of expert opinions requested by the insurer

Mag. Lukas Andrieu, Dr. Georg Jeremias and Mag. Lea Zieger recently published an article in the “Journal for Insurance Law” on the subject of the right to inspect expert opinions requested by the insurer.

Such a report is often commissioned by the insurer to assess the cause and extent of the damage. Once the report is available, the insurer may refuse to provide cover, in whole or in part, on the basis of the report. In such cases, the policyholder has a strong interest in seeing the report.

Further information on this fascinating subject and the legal requirements and rulings of the highest courts for each class of insurance can be found in the article in the “Journal for Insurance Law”.

Mag. Lukas Andrieu, LL.M., BSc.

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Dr. Georg Jeremias

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