BIM manual

On June 30, 2022, the new BIM manual was presented as part of the event “BIM in the Bim” during a tram ride.

The BIM manual serves as a practical guide for all those involved in planning and implementation. Among other things, the book explains the basics of the development of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and explores the question of where BIM is already required and which standards currently exist.

Dr. Georg Seebacher and Mag. Lukas Andrieu, both partners at ScherbaumSeebacher Attorneys at Law, as well as RAA Mag. Thomas Schwab have contributed to the preparation of the BIM manual by the Graz University of Technology, the Federal Chamber of Civil Engineers, the Federal Guild of Construction, the Professional Association of Engineering Offices and the Manz Publishing House. In their contributions, they focused, among other things, on the complex of topics “Public Procurement Law”, “Liability” and “Data Protection Law”.

The manual is available here

Mag. Lukas Andrieu, LL.M., BSc.

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