Virtual Talk: Investor apartment or builder model – how to invest successfully in residential real estate

Real estate continues to be regarded as a safe investment and provision. The Covid pandemic in particular has led to an additional increase in demand for housing as a tangible asset. The products and investment types on the market are diverse, all the more it depends on the right model, an ideal tax treatment and realistic forecasts.

On Wednesday, November 17, starting at 17:30, Mag. Sascha Verovnik, partner and real estate law expert at ScherbaumSeebacher, will speak together with other top-class experts in the Die Presse Live-Talk on the topic of “Investor apartment or builder-owner model – how to invest successfully in residential real estate”. Among other things, the following questions will be discussed:

  • How does one invest successfully in residential real estate in the long term?
  • What are the different options for investing in real estate?
  • What is a builder’s model and how does it differ from an investor’s apartment?
  • Can an old building renovation be lucrative?
  • Can you save taxes with a real estate investment?
  • How do politicians intervene?