ScherbaumSeebacher hosts the Civil Engineers Forum

On the 20th of october 2022, the Civil Engineers’ Forum took place again in the law firm’s offices located in Graz – following a tradition that has now been going on for many years. Experts from the insurance industry, particularly from the technical as well as from the legal field gave lectures on the topic “Insurance and liability law perennial issues for civil engineers”. 

 Insights into the respective professions were given and exciting cases from practice were discussed. Afterwards, the participants enjoyed a culinary evening together in the office of ScherbaumSeebaccher.

 Photo from left to right: Dr. techn. Peter Mandl, Mag. Thomas Zirngast, Mag. Simon Tucek, Dr. Georg Jeremias, Partner & Dr. Georg Seebacher and Mag. Stefan Grossauer

 Photocredit: Jori Konstantinov

dr. Georg Seebacher

Arhitekturno in inženirsko pravo
Gradbeno (odškodninsko) pravo
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mag. Simon Tucek

Arhitekturno in inženirsko pravo
Civilno pravo
Gradbeno (odškodninsko) pravo [...]