Annual Conference “Company Succession 2020” with ScherbaumSeebacher

For the 3rd time in a row, the annual conference on corporate succession, chaired by Dr. Gerold Oberhumer, partner at ScherbaumSeebacher, and Dr. Clemens Jaufer (Jaufer Attorneys-at-Law), took place on 29 September 2020 at the MANZ Academy of Law in Vienna. The distinguished speakers included – in addition to the two conference leaders – Dr. Nikola Leitner-Bommer (foundation expert and partner at LeitnerLaw), Mag. Alexander Singer (partner at Fössl Singer Attorneys-at-Law and specialized in shareholder disputes), Dr. Nikolaus Arnold (also foundation expert and partner at the law firm of the same name) as well as DI Christian Jaufer (architect and business mediator). The main focus of their work was on shareholder conflicts in connection with corporate succession and how to avoid them.


dr. Gerold M. Oberhumer

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