Webinar: “Innovations in personnel accounting and labor law 2021”.

In view of the current situation and the numerous questions regarding labor law and personnel law this and last year, SchebaumSeebacher Rechtsanwälte, in cooperation with Deloitte Styria and Human.technology Styria, is organizing a cross-cluster webinar on the topic of “Innovations in personnel accounting and labor law 2021“.

Partner and labor law expert MMag. Marco Riegler and Mag. Dr. Bernd Luxbacher (head of personnel accounting at Deloitte Styria) will discuss the most important innovations in labor law and personnel accounting.

Wednesday 17 February 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 hrs.

Zoom (please announce your registration ahead of time here).

For more information on the free webinar, click here.

We look forward to your participation!