Real estate law

As part of this advisory focus, we offer comprehensive advice on all real estate issues. Our specialised lawyers have decades of experience and industry knowledge. Our advice focuses in particular on the drafting and negotiation of purchase agreements for individual properties or real estate portfolios (share or asset deals), including the due diligence process accompanying the purchase. We draft and review portfolio contracts, property development contracts and condominium ownership agreements, assume trusteeships and assist in obtaining relevant public law approvals. Another focus of our activities is the comprehensive support and advice of complex project developments.

  • Transactions: share deals and asset deals

  • Financing

  • Project developments in residential construction: developer models (BTVG), condominium ownership projects and client models

  • Project developments: commercial, industrial and special real estate (EKZ, FMZ, tourism, …)

  • Building on third-party land: building rights and “Superädifikate”

  • Accompaniment from the building application to the user permit

  • Preparation of real estate for construction: servitudes, developments, …

  • Regional planning procedures, zoning and building regulations


04, 2024


11, 2023

Mercantile depreciation of property

In the event of damage and construction defects...


08, 2023

JUVE Real Estate Business and Construction Law Ranking 2023

We are proud that ScherbaumSeebacher is represented twice...


11, 2022

Bau & Immobilien Report: special edition „Law in Construction“

Partner and expert in construction and public procurement...


10, 2022

TREND – „Condominium Act 2022: Making it easier to implement projects“

Mag. Sascha Verovnik, partner at ScherbaumSeebacher Attorneys at...


10, 2022

TREND - “Legal professionals for real estate"

In the current article of TREND focusing on...


02, 2022

Trend: Gold rush or real investment opportunity?

In its article, Trend magazine reports about the...


05, 2021

Trend: "It makes sense to invest in residential real estate"

In their interview in the latest issue of...


03, 2021

Chambers Europe 2021: ScherbaumSeebacher continues on its successful path

ScherbaumSeebacher Rechtsanwälte is once again one of the...


02, 2021

Spirit of Styria: "Enough arguing!"

Mag. Lukas Andrieu, LL.M., attorney-at-law at ScherbaumSeebacher, talks...


09, 2020

Der Standard: "The apartment earns the money"

Mag. Sascha Verovnik, partner and real estate law...


05, 2020

GEWINN: "Corona and apartment rentals"

In his op-ed piece for GEWINN, Mag. Sascha...


05, 2020

Webcast "Rent reduction claims" with ScherbaumSeebacher

On 14.05.2020, real estate expert and partner at...


03, 2020

Chambers Europe 2020: Once again excellent results for ScherbaumSeebacher

ScherbaumSeebacher is, once again, one of the best...


01, 2020

Die Presse: "Civil engineers are facing liability trap"

In their op-ed for Austrian newspaper "Die Presse"...


07, 2019

New publication: "Baumodelle - rechtliche, wirtschaftliche und steuerliche Gestaltung"

On 18 July, Friedrich Möstl, Manuela Bauer-Moser and...


04, 2019

Full house at Business Breakfast with ScherbaumSeebacher lawyers

On the 3rdof April, ScherbaumSeebacher lawyers, in cooperation...


12, 2018

Die Presse: “Pitfalls in serviced apartments”

Interview with our partners Dr. Patrick Panholzer und...

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