Competition law

In a highly contested market, many economically and strategically important measures reach the limits of unfair competition law, which are often (consciously or unconsciously) exceeded. We advise companies in all areas of unfair competition law (UWG).

  • Advice and representation in the defence and enforcement of claims arising from inadmissible business practices of or against competitors (e.g. poaching of customers and employees, misuse of company logos, reduction of competitors, misleading advertising, …)

  • Advice on the design of fair trade advertising, both in relation to companies and their products.

  • Correct conduct in warning and cease-and-desist letters

  • Litigation in court including provisional proceedings (injunctions) Provisional proceedings (injunctions)

  • domain law


06, 2023

CASH The Retail Magazine: From EU Directive to Corporate Responsibility

After the EU Parliament took a clear position...

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