New developments in payroll accounting & labour law: Informative event by ScherbaumSeebacher and Deloitte

On 12 February 2020, ScherbaumSeebacher organized a joint event with Deloitte Styria on the topic of ” New developments in payroll accounting & labour law”. About 50 guests from various disciplines, but mainly from the HR sector, took part in the event at Deloitte’s Graz office. The speakers Marco Riegler ( attorney-at-law and partner at ScherbaumSeebacher), Bernd Luxbacher, Gudrun Wiespointner-Njoku, Eva Novak (all Deloitte), Manfred Ausperger (ÖGK) and Hubert Paier (BMF) discussed various topics, including the innovations resulting from the Tax Reform Act and the Tax Amendment Act 2020, contribution law values 2020, highlights from the labour law judicature, current audit focal points in wage tax audits as well as the topic of flexitime.

“The flexitime model in particular is becoming an increasingly important topic here in Austria. However, on the one hand, companies must meet certain validity requirements. On the other hand, various clauses and possibilities can be used for its optimal implementation, which is often not yet used in practice. Together with our partner Deloitte, we were able to discuss this exciting topic as well as the current judicature on the subject,” explains labour law expert Marco Riegler.