Stop disputing and start resolving!

The construction industry is rife with disputes, and alternative dispute resolution methods are becoming more and more attractive not only to international corporations, but also to small and medium-sized businesses, in order to avoid expensive and lengthy court proceedings. In cooperation with Bau & Immobilien Report, ScherbaumSeebacher provides an insight into alternative dispute resolution methods:

Dispute prevention: Successful conflict prevention starts with solution-oriented contract drafting and often saves going to court!

Cooperative contract models: Alliance and partnership agreements take a preventive approach to avoiding disputes.

Project support solutions: A project monitoring committee ensures rapid resolution of disputes and prevents the breakdown of business relationships.

Dispute resolution as the primary alternative to state court proceedings.

Arbitration can be initiated by mutual agreement of the parties and is generally inexpensive and quick.

Mediation as a conflict resolution option.

We congratulate ScherbaumSeebacher construction law experts Mag. Lukas Andrieu and Mag. Lea Zieger and Immobilien Report for this great collaboration and the comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution methods!

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Mag. Lukas Andrieu, LL.M., BSc.

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