New ÖNORM B 2110

ScherbaumSeebacher partner Lukas Andrieu, lawyer Anna Gaich and Johannes Schwarz provide an overview of the most important innovations and changes to ÖNORM B 2110 in their new technical article in the construction law gazette.

Both technical ÖNORMs and legal ÖNORMs (as contract templates) are regularly updated by the standardization institute Austrian Standards International (ASI).

The new edition of ÖNORM B 2110 entitled “General Contractual Provisions for Construction Work” was published on May 1, 2023, with ÖNORMs A 2060 and B 2118 being adapted at the same time.

The whole article is available here.

Mag. Lukas Andrieu, LL.M., BSc.

Construction law
International Contract Law
Litigation and Arbitration

Mag. Anna Gaich

Construction law
Architects' and engineers' law
Construction and spatial law