ScherbaumSeebacher-Talk with Iris Ortner: What are the most important success factors when it comes to company succession?

On February 12, ScherbaumSeebacher hosted an exciting talk with Iris Ortner at the firm’s Vienna offices. As a special guest of the evening, DI Iris Ortner (CEO of IGO Industries) discussed her experiences relating to company succession with Dr. Gerold Oberhumer (attorney-at-law and partner at ScherbaumSeebacher).

“For me, a good entrepreneur is someone who thinks ahead, sets a long-term strategy and assumes responsibility for the long term. In our consortium, we do not think in quarters but rather in generations”, says DI Iris Ortner, Managing Director of IGO Industries.

“In our company, the company succession was initiated step by step, with sufficient advance notice and implemented successively. There is no recipe for a succession, every company operates differently. In our case, however, the decisive factor was that we share the same values and entrepreneurial goals within the family and that we maintain an open, direct communication style with each other,” adds Ortner.

“Family businesses have their own dynamics. The regulation and design of company succession is a classic cross-sectional issue. The earlier and more holistically one tackles it, the sooner the successful succession is achieved – as can be seen in the case of IGO Industries,” explains Dr. Gerold Oberhumer.


Dr. Gerold M. Oberhumer

Company succession and private clients
Inheritance law
Post-marital distribution of assets