“De Luxe” workshop series by WKO Steiermark and “Junge Wirtschaft Steiermark” with ScherbaumSeebacher

On 18.10.2019, Mag. Helmut Schmidt, partner at ScherbaumSeebacher, discussed a wide range of issues with numerous young entrepreneurs as part of the workshop series “De Luxe” organized by the WKO Steiermark and the “Junge Wirtschaft” Steiermark. Questions such as “How do I organize my founding team legally? How do I minimize my liability risk? Which employee participation models are possible? How can I protect my know-how from unauthorised access by third parties? What legal challenges does one face in sales?” were discussed. The aim was to avoid possible sources of error early on.


Mag. Helmut Schmidt LL.M.

Corporate law and M&A
International Contract Law
Private foundation law