Guest article in the Bau & Immobilien Report: ‘Digital processes’

Digitalisation is also revolutionising the construction industry and bringing enormous benefits: processes are becoming faster, more cost-efficient and more user-friendly.

However, the implementation of digital construction processes is often hampered by hurdles. In the article ‘Digital processes’ in the Bau & Immobilien Report, ScherbaumSeebacher’s experts Lukas Andrieu and Georg Stanislaus Gonschorowski therefore analyse the current developments and challenges of these processes:

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – the cornerstone for digitalisation: BIM enables the digital recording and modelling of all steps from the planning to the management of a building. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality support the processing and visualisation of data.

Electronic processes – competence of the federal states: There are currently major differences in the building laws of the federal states with regard to the use of electronic processes. While Vienna’s 2020 amendment to the building code enables almost completely digital processes, the submission of paper documents remains mandatory in many other regions. These differences lead to inefficiencies and additional costs, particularly in the case of cross-border projects.

To summarise: Digital construction processes save time and resources, eliminate the need for paper documents and speed up official communication. Nevertheless, numerous legal and practical hurdles stand in the way, including a lack of standardised regulations and technical infrastructure. A coordinated, transnational approach is required in order to utilise the full potential of these technologies.

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