ScherbaumSeebacher at the FEMCON Female Business Convention

On May 6, our lawyers Anna Gaich and Magdalena Brugger took part in the #FEMCON Female Business Convention of “Frau in der Wirtschaft” Styria in Graz. There were exciting presentations and expert contributions on the topic of humans and artificial intelligence.

A particularly inspiring keynote speech by Carina Zehetmaier opened the afternoon and highlighted the dynamic relationship between artificial intelligence and us humans under the title “Humans and AI – an unbeatable team?”.

A big thank you to the experts Carina Zehetmaier, Julia Hermann, Evelyn Götz and Manuela Machner, who guided the guests through this informative afternoon and, of course, especially to the chairwoman of “Frau in der Wirtschaft” Styria, Gabi Lechner, and her team for the excellent event.

Mag. Anna Gaich

Construction law
Architects' and engineers' law
Litigation and Arbitration

Mag. Magdalena Brugger

Corporate law and M&A
Public law
Civil law