Trend: “Don’t bury your head in the sand”

In a new interview with Trend Magazine, Dr. Norbert Scherbaum and Mag. Gerhard Schedlbauer, both partners and experts in insolvency law and restructuring at ScherbaumSeebacher attorneys at law, talk about the topic of corporate insolvency.

They explain the most common causes for insolvencies and show ways to deleverage companies in time and make them fit for the future again.

The entire interview is attached and can also be found in the current issue on pages 84-85 (German only):

To the Interview

Mag. Gerhard Schedlbauer

Banking and capital market law
Competition law
Data protection law [...]

Dr. Norbert Scherbaum

Banking and capital market law
Inheritance law
Insolvency law, restructuring, insolvency administration